Into the Abyss

  • Photographer
    Leslie Hall Brown
  • Prize
    3rd Place / Special/Digitally Enhanced
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info

Believing we now live in surreal times, I used a mix of fact and fantasy, inspired by Salvador Dali’s paintings, to create a post-apocalyptic world. Imaging our world in the future and what caused the calamity that changed the world as we knew it, I used the present wrapped in the future, a time warp with vaguely familiar landscapes yet altered by a dream state. I wanted the feel of releasing the unbridled imagination of the subconscious. I hoped to embrace how the Surrealists used art as a reprieve from violent political situations and to address the unease they felt about the world's uncertainties. Like artists of the 1930s and 1940s, who were swept into the orbit of Surrealism as increasing political upheaval and a second global war encouraged fears that human civilization was in a state of crisis and collapse, I likewise found myself swept toward Surrealism.

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