Tattoos and Pride in Orlando

PhotographerBennett Barthelemy
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyBennett Barthelemy Freelance
City/CountryOjai, United States
Photo DateJune 12, 2017
Technical InfoSony A7
Entry Description

I snapped this image of Jeremy and Louie leaving a launch party for The Dru Project in Orlando. They were in a parking lot walking past a white wall. Their tattoos, like dozens of others I saw, are symbolic of the larger dedication that the LGBTQ+ community has in its expressed dedication to advancing the rights of this marginalized community. Seen by many locally as a hate crime against the gay community, the Pulse Nightclub shooting claimed the lives of 49 people and injured 68 and effected thousands in the Orlando community and nationwide. The Dru Project was realized by survivors at the shooting, friends and family members of Christopher Andrew Leinonen who was killed that night- as a way to honor him and to promote gay straight alliances. Orlando, including local government, businesses and churches, have responded offering strong support that has even come from historically more conservative entities.

About Photographer

I shoot stills inside of travel, a culture, an adventure, or for the ideal of conservation... As a dynamic shooter I live for the unfolding of moments as elements come together that make for a powerful image and love the element of surprise that comes from found images.