Innocent Eyes

PhotographerSpiros Soueref
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCorfu, Greece
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

The "Innocent Eyes" project refers to that innocent period of a human's life and tries to record the similarities of childhood at every place on this earth. Through that chase, the only thing you finally realize is the fact that throughout this world we are all people between people.

About Photographer

Spiros Soueref was born in Ionian Islands of Greece. He studied Graphic Arts & Design in Thessaloniki and Athens where he lived until 2004. It was about his 30s when Spiros first became interested in becoming a photographer influenced by his lifetime desire for traveling. Ever since, photography is his passion and he travels the world trying to meet different people, new civilizations and ways of living. through that he wants to show off that the diversity coexists among us.