Summertime with kids

Photographeriris Valles saez
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBarcelona, Spain
Photo Date05/10/1985
Entry Description

It is a compilation of short stories where the child interprets in first person what we as adults have forgotten, innocence.

About Photographer

Iris Valles Saez, born in Barcelona on Oct. 5, 1985, is a painter, graphic designer and photographer Catalan. Spanish nationality who currently resides in Paris, his adopted city. From an early age, Iris Valles Saez grew up in a world surrounded by art, where creating a major role. His father, Andres Valles developed a lens system for audiovisual and cinematographic cameras unique in the world; He then forwarded to Iris passion for photography and image capture. As a teenager, she followed courses at the School Joso, band designed and Institute of Visual Arts, which instilled in him all the specifics of the graphic art and visual creation. After obtaining his bachelor arts, Iris began studies at the Art Institute and Barcelona design - Massana School - where she discovered and developed his attraction for painting and Chinese ink. Looking thereafter new horizons, she decided to travel to Paris and integrate the School of Fine Arts in order to take courses in acrylic painting and realist painting. Finally, she discovered the technique of subtraction called "repentir" which is total control in the Parisian workshops. In 2010, Iris give a radical turn to his career, since, always thirsty for new technical knowledge, she decided to focus its creation to graphic design. She then joined the ESAG Penninghen where she began a degree in graphic design. Fascinated by these new techniques, Iris conquered the graphic arts by showing remarkable dexterity. She then specialized in photogrpahie, his first love, by choosing the Speos Institute, where she joined the European Master of Professional Photography.