Waiting for relief food, Turkana

PhotographerMarina Shacola
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarina Shacola Photography
City/CountryNicosia, Cyprus
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoBlack and White Photographs
Entry Description

Since 2010, Shacola has traveled to Turkana in Kenya where one of the most beautiful tribes in the world lives. 5 years ago, oil was discovered there. Over the years, she has seen how this amazing tribe struggles to survive while preserving their customs and traditions as they are faced with new political and economic interests. With her series, Turkana, the artist hopes to not only raise awareness about this tension but also document and preserve a way of life that might soon be lost forever.

About Photographer

Marina Shacola (b. 1963, Cyrpus) is a photographer living and working between Cyprus and Kenya. Working specifically within the fields of portraiture and street photography, Marina began her career as a photographer for leading lifestyle magazines in Cyrpus. More recently Shacola has focused on projects concerning humanitarian and social issues on an international level.