Calligraphy Lesson

PhotographerKatarzyna Nizinkiewicz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySzczecin, Poland
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

I spent 1 month in Lapland crossing wilderness on skis. This photographs were taken in the days with bad visibility when is very easy to loose orientation, all is white and the distances are invisible.

About Photographer

I am graduate in physics, but work as a (awarded) fashion and sportswear designer. I try to be as much as possible in the mountains. I spend 3 months each year hiking in the wilderness alone or with one friend, with all in my backpack. I try to avoid civilization and people. Hiking is like meditation- makes my life richer. I am author of the book Wedrowki Pirenejskie (short stories with photographs) and since many years I write popular blog about mountains Kocham Góry- I do not earn any money on photography (so I am not professional photographer) and I hope to never be so. I do what I love as I guess most of amateurs.