urban melancholy

PhotographerAlexander Schönberg
Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Bridges
City/CountryHamburg, Germany
Photo DateNovermber 2016
Entry Description

I love bridges and fortunate Hamburg has about 2,500 of them, which is more than Venice and Amsterdam together and this makes it one of the most bridges in Europe. The bridges characterize the cityscape of Hamburg and have a strong symbolic character for me. They connect two shores with one another or make a street where else one would have to end and are often architectonic masterpieces that speak for themselves. The effect of a bridge is strengthened in my view when a dense fog occurs in the autumn, which fades out all the details in the background and floats the building for a few hours and makes the urban scenes appearing melancholic.

About Photographer

I started photographing in October 2015 and am still an enthusiastic beginner who has repeatedly discovered new pages of photography. I received the following awards this year: - 1st Prize Winner in 3rd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards: Awarded entry urban melancholy (Cityscape Category) - Nominee in 3rd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards: Awarded entry lonelyness (Landscape Category) - PX3 2017 - Gold Winner - Monograph Category - PX3 2017 - Honorable Mention - Category - three of my pictures landed at 500px under editorial selection - six of my pictures are exhibited for the sale at whitewall shop in hamburg, germany