Walking on the ï½—ind ripples

PhotographerAkira Matsui
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAndina Travel Co.Ltd
City/Countrytokyo, Japan
Photo DateJul 29, 2014
Entry Description

Blowing wind, the wind ripples have appeared. By the oblique rays of sun, this ripple showed up as infinite zebra-line. Enjoying the another world, the travelers were walking toward an Oasis. In the Lencois Desert, Brasil

About Photographer

The landscape of the "end of the earth" spread all over the continent of South America is the big rhythm itself that is different from the world we live in. In order to capture even a part of the dynamism and the truth of the earth in the infinite world, taking the image of "the infinity of the earth" as a life work. Since 1996, I attend mainly in Patagonia, South America. While working for a major mountaineering travel company, as a Latin American counterpart, planning and attending a trekking tour. Established Andina Travel Co.,Ltd. in 2011. Continue traveling to South America