Unclear childhood; uncertain future

PhotographerFarida Alam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDhaka, Bangladesh
Photo Date18-03-2017
Entry Description

Nomads do not stay in one place for long, likewise the “Bede” community. Every life is different, so as every life has its own advantage and disadvantage. However, the dweller of uncertainty is the children of Bede community. This child’s eyes, which is full of curiosity, ask thousands of question but they will never be answered, as the 95% of the people in Bede community are illiterate. The poverty and nomadic life will only bring illiteracy, whose eyes only resemble an uncertain future of unclear childhood.

About Photographer

My inspiration for photography comes from the people and my surroundings. I love to experience other cultures, meet different people from diverse communities.  I believe in immersion photography and spend months listening, observing and talking with my subjects over the course of a project. Photography has become a part of my identity - a force that makes me think, feel and understand human being and the human condition. My work on third gender people, “Reflection of dispersed soul”, hidden for years has brought me various international awards and recognition.  Recently, Social Documentary Network (SDN) has featured my work “Survived Against all the Odds”. Apart from that my other individual works have got me recognition of various national and international arenas.  Currently, I am working with different social groups that are deprived of basic human needs. However, at the same time, I am exploring their traditional lifestyle and learning from it.  I have completed basic and foundation courses from “Pathshala South Asian Media Institute “. Later on, I also participated in a documentary photography course of Counter Photo, another renowned photography institute of Bangladesh. Currently, I am pursuing Diploma in photography from Alliance Francaise de Dhaka. I am a lifetime member of “Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS)”.