PhotographerBree Corn
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCorn GmbH
City/CountrySteyr, Austria
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Change is part of our human nature. Personalities change by little occasions. A new person entering a room will influence the social interaction of the group. A single experience may change our perception or behavior. We - or what we define as our „self“ - changes depending on age, occasions, challenges, people surrounding us, etc. The series „Anatta“ adresses the matter of constant change, referring to the buddhist understanding of the „non-self“ which means that there is no unchanging, permanent self. What is normally regarded as "self" is thus a collection of constantly changing, physical and psychological components. If we are aware of this phenomenon and welcome change as a part of our nature instead of fighting it we may develop in a positive sense. Limited Edition 1/12 Year 2017

About Photographer

Bree’s works have been nationally and internationally awarded, exhibited in seven european countries and are being represented by the galleries “Bildpark Gallery” from Munich and “Galerie Marion Stöter” from Hamburg. Since 2012 Bree teaches for the masterclass of the „Austrian Academy of Photography“ two times a year. She currently lives on a sailboat in the mediterranean, expanding her artworks and working on her next book. She is a passionate image creator since 17 years.