The Presence In The Woods

PhotographerIngrid Vekemans
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyIngrid Vekemans Photography
City/CountryWakkerzeel, Belgium
Entry Description

Walking through the woods, there's always a sense that there's something else there, that you're not alone, that some dark mystery or something threatening might be hiding. This sense of threat and mystery I want to capture by using various techniques evoking this presence.

About Photographer

Ingrid is a self taught nature photographer, based in Belgium. Ingrid has always been fascinated by Africa, first going there in 1994. Although this continent and its wildlife remain her main focus, in recent years she has become involved in nature photography in other regions of the world. Ingrid’s work has received multiple international awards. She organises a variety of photographic workshops and leads photo safaris in Africa. For more information: www.