Frame of Nature

PhotographerAnthony Tario Austria
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyEHAF Consulting Engineers
City/CountryAvida Sindalan San Fernado Pampanga Philippines , Philippines
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

This image was realized during a splendid morning along Fujairah road characterized by a magical sunrise. I was able to photograph this arabian gazelle in the moment of framing by huge stones with silhouette at the back of beautiful mountain of fujairah.

About Photographer

Anthony Austria, a Filipino accomplished Photographer, creative painter, and a highly skilled,award winning who professionally practiced both in the Philippines for a number of years and as well as in the Middle East for almost 15 years. The talented Anthony Austria was born in Manila, Philippines on February 12, 1979.He attended one of the Philippine’s leading school for architecture, Mapua Institute of Technology .As well-respected Photographer in Middle East.It was never hard for Anthony Austria to be recognized on global scale. He took Grand Prize and First Prize in Fujairah Photography Aw