City Facade Hunt

PhotographerDenise Y.K. Tsang
Prize1st Place in Architecture / Buildings
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2016 - 2017
Entry Description

Public housing played an important role in the development history of Hong Kong, not merely on solving housing need during population boom, but has also developed a bi-product of neighbourhood bonding which sustained people’s life. Public housing also made a unique architecture for the city with dense yet colourful façade, however, many old public housing in Hong Kong has been torn down due to disrepair, unfortunately I could not make it to witness their existence before they disappear. The thought of recording Hong Kong public housing was made tangible when I encountered with Wah Fu Estate. In the past year, I concentrated in recording facades and the identity of Hong Kong public housing, I visited so many of them that I realise every estate has its own characteristics and its exclusive killer shot.