Children holding a candlelight

PhotographerJung Hanjo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKONG Media
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoNikon
Entry Description

There was a demonstration demanding the resignation of the corrupt President in the end of 2016. Despite of a mass protest with over 20 million participants, Korean people staged a peaceful demonstration holding a candlelight, the symbol to break the darkness. So it became the demonstration where people of all ages participated. Especially they participated with their children in family unit the most. Parents did not come out with their children only to show the demonstration site around. Children are the heroes and heroines of the future. This demonstration was the field of alive democratic education and the field of pride and hope as Koreans to children. Seriously, children led the way in opening the bright future of Korea holding a candlelight. Through this demonstration named as ‘Candlelight Revolution,’ Korea achieved a peaceful turnover of political power.

About Photographer

I am a Korean photographer and photo critic. I majored in fine art and photography in Hongik University, Korea and got a doctor?s degree in Art Plastic. I am the first doctor in photography in Korea and now teaching students in universities while working as photographer and photo critic. Furthermore, I have published many books and photo albums, for example 'Photo ? Theory and Practice', 'A Guide to Photo Viewing', and 'Seoul by Night'.