Poem to myself, collage for myself

PhotographerYOON JOO CHUNG
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryShanghai, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoCanon
Entry Description

The old poems of the Orient had some formality and rhythm. Due to its unique sense of rhythm, people were attracted by the old Oriental poetry. I did collage, recalling the old Oriental poems. Each and every image of collage is a description of me. The left is what I enjoyed, the center family, and the right my hobby. Each image was manufactured in cyanotype after taking a picture. After then, I printed it on Hanji, Korean paper on which ancient people composed a poem. Also, I arranged in 4-3-4 sheets to be rhythmical. I placed the photos on the paper painted with brown color by using a sponge roller to make a subtle impression. So I tried to create a nostalgic and quiet atmosphere overall. As a result, I could produce my own collage different from the existing ones.