PhotographerFederico Palmieri - Graffiti
Prize3rd Place in Book(self-published) / People
CompanyGraffiti Press
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical Infophotography
Entry Description

The first impression you are browsing "Obiettivo Palestina", it is the sun in that land never exists, even when you understand from the showdows, the light doesn't warm. It's there, but it is not enlighten. In the streets of Gerusalemme, Betlemme, Hebron the photographer focuses on the faces of the people and on what they communicate. They are faces of children, from the conscious look, very nearly an adult. There is a Palestian chindren who looks at you from behind a net, he is the lote little Israelite who seems to peek behind the wall. Then the older people. The kefiah, the game of cards, the hookah. But there are the arms and military too. An unusual jorney therefore to Federico Palmieri, before reader, then dreamer, after traveler and photographer. Palmieri has told images of the sensations tried, the reflections made durinf a desiderable and surprising journey.