Night - Deserted City

PhotographerElisa Imperi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCittà di Castello, Italy
Photo Date2015/2016
Technical InfoCanon 5D mark II and 50mm
Entry Description

It is my town, where I grew, but here I haven’t a lot of friends. After got my degree, and I had to go back in my little town and I felt really alone. So I thought that “I could throw all my emotions” in my photos and try to “accept” this new reality and maybe knowing again my city with different eyes. The particularity of my town is that in winter it is sometimes desert, especially after the dinner. I think that some streets and some the locations of this town are like scenographies of films and here I took photos with this woman with the red jacket. She is alone, like me, in the deserted streets of the night.