Between Land and Winter Sky

PhotographerCharlotte Stevenson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySun Valley, United States
Photo DateMarch 2017
Entry Description

In Central Idaho, the distinct horizon that we see in other seasons fades in winter. In extreme storm conditions, the horizon can disappear entirely. This loss of the horizon creates lighting and color conditions that let the realms of sky and earth blend together. The start of one and the end of another is no longer clear. Aside from being disorienting, there is a kind of beauty in the fusion of these realms. Perhaps it is only in winter that one can play freely between the earth and the sky? I’m sure most skiers would agree.

About Photographer

Most of my photography falls into the area of conceptual, nature photography, but I also use some of my less abstract photography to illustrate environmental issues on which I am working. I like to explore the themes of how things interact, how one thing can become another, and how the way we understand something changes when we see it from different point of view. I’m interested in boundaries (and the lack of boundaries), and I often explore this with the camera through the study of color and motion. I am a California native but now live in Sun Valley, Idaho. I went to Stanford University for my B.S. and M.S. in marine biology and spent most of my time at Stanford's marine station in Monterey, California. I have been working in the field of marine science and policy for the last six years.