Plastic Army: Invasion

PhotographerDirk Kruell
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPanama Foto
City/CountryDüsseldorf, Germany
Photo Date04.17
Entry Description

Plastic Army: Invasion The "Plastic Army" series is trying to address the issue of plastic waste in a playful and aesthetic manner. The cycles are telling metaphorically and in linear order of the incursion of the natural enemies, the conquest of the landscape, the mutation of their inhabitants, the complete fusion to the dissolution of all natural elements. The aesthetic depiction of these artificial installations thus serves as allegories of the deepest unaesthetic and unpleasant facts of catastrophic environmental pollution, using the example of plastic waste! This first cycle is called invasion. The pictures in detail: Invasion sea The theme of this picture is the arriving of the plastic armada Invasion coast The theme of this picture is the landing of the plastic troop Invasion dune The theme of this picture is the spreading of the plastic soldiers

About Photographer

Born at the 10.21.1958 in Düs¬sel¬dorf/Germany Grown up in the „Rheinland“/Germany Since 02.00. living in Haan Working in Düs¬sel¬dorf Apprentice for a photographer in D´dorf; Art-School study in Ham¬burg Finishing as graduate designer in Es¬sen (94) Since 88 freelance-photographer Re¬por¬ta¬ges in: Geo, FAZ Ma¬ga¬zin, NYT Ma¬ga¬zin, Ti¬mes Ma¬ga¬zin, Zeit¬ma¬ga¬zin, Sports, Spie¬gel. Stern, Fo¬cus, Tem¬po, Max, ADAC- + Spie¬gel-Spec., Art... Free projects to the themes: Squatting actions and other fights (81-83); GI´s in Germany (88-89); technical monuments in the former GDR (90-91); The former combines (91-93); workers housing estates in the Ruhr coal basin (97); Discount-Fashion (01); The times of Bonn (03-04) Laureate of Stern-Jour¬na¬li¬st Award, Ko¬dak Junior Award, „Wis¬sen¬schaft-Vi¬suell“ Report Award 01, Scholarship of the „VG Bild-Kunst“ 04, PDN Award 2010 Different exhibitions e.g. in the House of German History (Berlin 98), the „Gro¬pi¬us¬bau“ in Ber¬lin („50 Jah¬re BRD“, May 99) Ruhrmuseum Essen 2010... Appointment in the "DGPH" society in Cologne (94); Member of the photographers agency: "Laif" ( in Cologne (96) Main focus now: work and business, Ruhrgebiet, Bonn