Final Touch

PhotographerAli Rahimi
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFoodivine Studio
City/CountryMontreal, Canada
Photo DateSept 2016
Entry Description

This image has been created for Jessica Pastries. A large scale pastry manufacturer based in Quebec of Canada. There are so many automated baking and cooking machine involved in the production process. However; the final beauty touch is always coming from their creative pastry chefs who are so passionate about what they do. Foodivine Studio developed with a desire to help people involved in the culinary world get the images they deserve.

About Photographer

Ali Rahimi, is an award-winning multi-disciplinary commercial photographer. Specializing in food & drink photography, he has garnered critical acclaim for exhibitions seen the world over. An accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada the Photographic (PPOC) in commercial and food photography. Ali Rahimi has exhibited in Tehran, Dubai, Malm, Colorado, Paris, Kyrgyzstan and Abu Dhabi. A piece of his has found a home in the permanent collection at The Centre of Fine Art Photography, Colorado, United States. And now based in Montreal, Canada, he pursues his passion in commercial and advertising photographic productions.