The Secret Lives of Trees

PhotographerRussell J Wilner
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRJ Wilner Photography
City/CountryHillsboro, United States
Entry Description

This series represents a segment of my 'Secret Lives of Trees' project and focuses on the stories told by individual trees. One tells a story of the 'Zen Master' known to just be 'cool' by everyone who knew him, another shows evidence of having leaned hard into life with life returning the favor, a third displays evidence of tragedy experienced and only recently showing evidence of being made whole, and then there's the dancing fool whose mere presence put everyone around him in a party mood.

About Photographer

My photographic journey began many yrs ago with 35mm film and a Minolta SRT-101. That led to a passion for B&W photography with a special appreciation for the Adams/Weston style of landscape photography. Fast forward to 2002 when, after a hiatus of shooting 'personal work' for a number of years, I entered the digital world. Over time in the digital era, the passion for landscape photography has continued to grow evolve and has become project oriented in trying to find 'personalities' in the subject matter I capture.