Romanticised Cuba

CompanySarah Jenkins Photography
PhotographerSarah Jenkins
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Change is in the air in Cuba and no more so than Havana. It is a country on the brink of a new Cuba where huge number of tourists are flocking to see the country ‘before it all changes’ and becomes ‘Americanised’. There is a concern that the romanticised idea of ‘authentic’ vintage Havana will vanish. People want to ride in the 1950s American classic cars before they are all replaced by shiny new taxis, see the decaying colonial architecture before the inevitable restorations, and just immerse themselves in ‘the real’ Cuba before commercialism ruins this 1950’s time warp island. However, most local Cubans are more than ready for change in order to improve their daily lives, and wish to forgo the image of the vintage Havana dream that foreigners are rushing to see.

About Photographer

Sarah is a freelance photographer. She has more than 20 years experience in both the photography and graphic design fields, working for well-respected agencies in London and Sydney. Sarah lives in Sydney Australia but her wanderlust for travel has taken her to all corners of the globe; to ninety five countries and all seven continents. She works as an art director on various photographic assignments and shoots travel and portrait photographs on a freelance basis.