Raisa, survivor of Chernobyl

PhotographerBorja Abargues
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyBorja Abargues
City/CountryGandia, Spain
Photo DateJune 2017
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

Raisa is a survivor in Chernobyl ... The Raisa’s house is only 2 km from reactor number 4, next to the Orthodox Church of the village of Chernobyl. She, (…like many pilgrims) believes that the saints of this church saved her from the nuclear disaster. Abandoned by her family, she lives with the only company of stray dogs, chickens and vegetable fields, evidently with high levels of radiation. In spite of this, she prefers to live in the house that saw her grow although it costs her health.

About Photographer

Photographer Freelance located in Valencia (ESP), specialized in documentary photography. He began his Photography Studies in Blank Paper and with photojournalist like Gervasio Sánchez. During his professional career he works with many media and magazines. More information about his works at www.borjaabargues.com.