PhotographerKazuyoshi Kuwahara
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryYokohama, Japan
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Left coffee cups on the table at Cafe, there might be two persons and they might have some conversation. I took this just after they had left the table. This is an ordinary scene at cafe, and even if you were there, we would not feel anything. But once we capture it in photo, this photo stirs our imagination so much. What is their relation? A wife and husband? Lovers? Business? Friend? What were they talking about.? What they would be? Why did they choose there? What conversation did they make? I want viewers to evoke their imagination that those two people’s relation, conversation, future.. from this monochrome and no people photo that was taken at the moment the time flow of those two from past to future and I, holding camera and as just only bystander, had crossed. In other word, I want viewers to make a story in mind from this photo.