North Avoca ECL

PhotographerLuke Shadbolt
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLuke Shadbolt
City/CountryTerrigal, Australia
Photo DateJune 2016
Entry Description

The largest swell to hit the east coast of Australia in over 15 years saw once in a lifetime conditions for surfers from Queensland right through to Tasmania. Initially, the violent storms, high winds and king tides saw devastation all along the east coast. Waves crashed over cliff faces and houses were washed off the beachfront in Sydney. Once the storm abated however, surfers were treated to the cleanest, largest swell in living memory.

About Photographer

Luke is a professional photographer and creative director from Australia. He focuses on the action sports, travel, lifestyle and fashion industries, specialising in water photography. He enjoys wide open spaces, getting outside his comfort zone, the ocean, surfing, art, humour, animals and food. An ability to illustrate a grand idea on a minimal and intimate scale, coupled with an adventurous and perpetually self-critical nature, is what best defines his style and work ethic.