Dystopia - Spilt Milk

PhotographerOlaf Martens
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLeipzig, Germany
Photo Date2014-2016
Technical InfoMamiya AFD PhaseOne P65
Entry Description

Project: Dystopia – Spilt Milk A photo project on the subject:  future, robots, cyborgs, artificial intelligence. Produced in the past two years with about 300 persons in about 30 days at 20 locations. Confronting Dystopia with irony and Science fiction with our today's reality . The pictures about: humans versus machines and creatures versus robots tried to develop interfaces between humans and machines and find a visual language for the difference between interchangeability versus uniqueness. I speculated with these armies of "robots" visually about our future. What will happen, when the typical human condition with the presence of birth and death and our concept of individuality and uniqueness is confronted with an army of android beings, that are -  in difference to us  - immortal and totally simular to each other, knowing nothing about their beginning nor about their end ? For this experiment I used "realness" as a theatrical setting  on a life stage. Real masks used by real persons in an analogues world as a perfect combination of theater, performance, architecture, photography, stage design, cinema and painting.