To Tell the Truth

PhotographerChi-Kwon Choi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2013-2017
Technical InfoDigital Camera
Entry Description

‘To tell the truth,’ which is this project, is a personal documentary on the truth in which I try to correctly see and say even if twisting with a distorted perspective about fake information and public opinion, which do not tell a universal truth. This project is what re-interpreted with the eyes of a camera while a headline news photo in a newspaper or a magazine becomes subject. This project completes a photo with the continuous experiment through applying the rough and distorted image for the contents in line with the context. What observes and re-shoots a headline news photo of a newspaper for this became a creative method in my photo project. And as for a truth and a meaning that I see, a message of truth, which is desired to be informed further, was contained here with the expression of describing a narrative of reconstructing distortion and an object.