PhotographerHeinz Innerhofer
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyInnerhofer Heinz
City/CountrySt. Lorenzen, Italy
Photo DateJanuary 2016
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

Order in a fulness – being rich by going without Klaus is living a in the Ahrn valley in South Tyrol. Klaus hasn’t bought a thing for years. Everything in his collection if that’s what you wish to call it, was found at the recycling yard in the Ahrn valley, where he has been working for the past 20 years. Klaus collects objects given away by their owners who don’t want them any more. Klaus has “saved” all those objects, giving them a second life. He only takes what he can really use, what he likes particularly - things that have an appealing design. He lives the way he lives – true to his convictions and ideals. His quiet protest against the terror of consumerism and throwaway society - without any proselyting on his part - could be an example for us.

About Photographer

Heinz Innerhofer *1964 Studied at the film school "Zelig School for Documentary Films" in Bozen. A series of periods abroad followed, as an assistant cameraman for various documentary films for the ORF, ZDF, SRF and RAI, before returning to South Tyrol and completing a 3-year course as a bookbinder. By coincidence I came to Munich, where I worked as a photographic assistant for a few years. I started independent work as a photographic and graphic designer in 2001 and in 2010 I completed a 5-semester course in artistic and representative photography at the Austrian "Prager Fotoschule", with distinction. Today I live and work as a freelance photographer in St.Lorenzen (South Tyrol).