Sleeping Patterns

PhotographerSane Seven
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySane Seven
City/CountryLiverpool, United Kingdom
Photo DateNovember 2016
Entry Description

This series of images was created for Simba mattress company. Sane Seven were commissioned by Underexposed to create a concept that would help express visually the benefits of the mattress (perfect for couples with different sleeping habits) in a playful and visually striking way. The solution was to interpret the idiom 'sleeping pattern' literally to create a series of sets where people’s personalities were expressed through the use of physical patters that dominated their side of the room. The ad was accompanied by the slogan ‘Sleep better, whatever your sleeping pattern’. This resulted in a beautiful and colorful campaign that helped the product stand out among its competition and that helped Underexposed receive a ‘high commendation’ acolyte in the branding category in Design Week awards.