PhotographerYEOLHOI KOO
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBucheonsi, Korea, Republic of
Photo DateDEC, 2016
Technical InfoLEICA M systems
Entry Description

the 'Kid Chocolate' is a nickname of the famous Cuban boxer, Eligio Sardiñas Montalvo. I was inspired with the two words, KID and CHOCOLATE. According to the situation of a society, it might be various so much how the kids in it prepare for living a successful life in various views. actually, in Korea, almost kids just study hard and harder for going to a good college since they and their parents believe that it could help them to live a successful life. of course, I was one of them. what do you think about it in Cuba? I guessed that the boxing could be one of big chances for it and it was so inspiring when I had seen it with my eyes. Even though it might be hard to talk about the whole stories of KID CHOCOLATE in Cuba, I'll try my best to share the stories. ¡VIVA!