Don't Turn Your Back On Poverty

PhotographerAlfonso Calero
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlfonso Calero Photography
City/CountryLane Cove, Australia
Photo DateDec 2016
Technical InfoCanon 5D Mark III
Entry Description

Payatas is home to the largest dumpsite in the Philippines as well as up to half a million people, who survive mostly through scavenging from the dumpsite for something to sell, recycle, or even eat. Payatas, in Manila, is one of the largest and poorest slums in the Philippines.

About Photographer

EST. 2000 Born and raised in the Philippines, Alfonso Calero moved to Australia at the age of 15. I graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Photography in 2001 and have been professionally photographing food, portraits, landscapes and travel subjects ever since.