The Space Between

PhotographerLuigi Fieni
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCisterna di Latina, Italy
Photo DateAugust 2016
Entry Description

It is a portfolio of images of the shadows that tie us to mother earth. Real but ungraspable. Each photograph creates a space where reality blends with illusion through the unreal beauty of nature’s patterns, her abstract works. That space where reality blends with illusion embodies a distressful feeling of emptiness induced by the dualism of connection and separation these mountains inspire. That space where reality mingles between the authenticity of a landscape and mere imagination. It becomes the thin line separating us from becoming part of the landscape itself. It is the space between us and nature.

About Photographer

I started my career nearly as a game, doing photojournalism for The American Himalayan Foundation, where I was working as a conservator specialized in Tibetan art. Then I slowly started my first exhibitions and my first collaborations with important clients, such as The National Geographic, The North Face and The Getty Images. More publications of my work started appearing in magazines in Asia, Europe and USA. At present I am focused more on the galleries world with exhibitions and representations.