Dramatic Skies

PhotographerThomas Finkler
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyThomas Finkler Photography
City/CountryStein, Germany
Photo Date2013 - 2015
Technical Info3 single images
Entry Description

Series "dramatic skies". A long term photoshop composing series (3 single images or more), spectacular clouds and weather phenomena are presented in the always same minimalistic landscape – with small variations in the composition (2013-2015).

About Photographer

Thomas Finkler is a fine art landscape and nature photographer. Born 1965 in nuremberg, germany. Graphic design studies at the university of applied sciences in nuremberg (1988-1993). Since then passion for landscape and nature photography. Following his studies, he worked as a graphic designer with focus on print media and digital image processing (1993-2013). Thomas Finkler is mostly inspired by the nature and countryside near his hometown. Short distances to the favorite hot spots make it possible to watch the interplay of light and color through the seasons. Twenty years of professional experience as a graphic designer had a big influence on his photographic view. His style can be characterized as a search for mood and minimalism with a keen eye for light, forms and details – always trying to find the balance between order and chaos.