Trepidation Nature

PhotographerMaria Nenenko
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySurgut, Russian Federation
Photo Date06/07/2016
Technical InfoCanon 5D markII 50 mm
Entry Description

Whereas it is extremely hard to get rid of society’s influence people tend to find a fortunate place in it. It is said that the society was created in order to connect people in the hope to achieve the highest degree of safety and cohesion. However, nowadays modern society preaches the idea of equality entirely deprived from identity. Society is in high need of integral obedient structures that are necessary for creation of a huge well-functioning system that works for “the global benefit”. Everyone should obey the rules with a distinct thought that he is acting only at his/hers true desires and dreams. A human being as individual interests society regretfully at minimal degree.

About Photographer

Mari Nino is a fine art photographer based in Surgut, Russia. Since 2011 she is purely involved into conceptual photography. Along with the creation of images she writes essays on different aspects. Mari creates to show a story and believes that everyone of us has a unique experience, a story to be told. Every person is like a character from the book with certain traits of character, that brings something inimitable into this world and makes it so diverse yet unified. Her works are full of mysteriousness, dreaminess and frankness. Her style is theatrical.