In and out of nightfall.

PhotographerRichard Littlewood
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHuddersfield, United Kingdom
Photo DateLast quarter of 2016
Technical Infonight scenes lit by flash
Entry Description

A series of woodland images photographed with a portable studio strobe in one single exposure. All the exposures were made just at the point of day when daylight fades into darkness, and visibility becomes difficult. That time of day when the night takes over and the day seems to shut down. All these woodland areas are in the north of England, and I grew up exploring many of them. With these re-illuminated images I became interested in the transforming effect of my lighting, and how it extracted a theatrical dimension from the darkening woodland without eliminating the sense of darkness, and how it transformed these familiar places into something a little unknown.

About Photographer

I started taking photographs at around 10 years old using cameras with the crudest focusing and exposure settings. I made more dreadful images than good, but it had me gripped as a creative medium. After school my parents pointed me towards a 'proper' job in engineering. After only a few years this occupation had to go, and I enrolled at the local college to do a general art course, but while there I dropped the general art and focused entirely on photography. That was back in 1981, and since then I've lived off commercial work while pursuing personal photographic projects especially centered around the South Pennine area of Yorkshire, England. I use large format black and white for much of this work, and I'm active in promoting film and the darkroom as a creative route, introducing young people to both via work experience projects. I will be taking and making photographs one way or another for the rest of my life.