Flora 2

PhotographerCharit Pusiri
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCharit Art Co.,Ltd.
City/CountryBangkok, Thailand
Photo DateFeb, 2017
Entry Description

When talking about followers, we often think of beauty or a lively feeling. We are familiar with plenty of images of colourful, blooming flowers. We are aware that these flowers do not last forever and for a short period of time it will grow a new one. This is similar to our lives; that we are born, age, get sick and eventually die. Likewise, when there is sadness or suffering, soon there will be hope, just like flowers and its life cycle.

About Photographer

Charit Pusiri an artist/photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specialized in Fine Art, Advertising, Automotive, Portrait Photography. www.CharitPusiri.com