Moonrise, Minus 28 C

PhotographerRobert Neufeld
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNelson, Canada
Photo DateJanuary 11th 2017
Technical Info1/20th, F8, 200mm, D810
Entry Description

I was photographing the last rays of sun on a ferociously cold evening in the Canadian Rockies. Had just got back to the car and was gratefully thawing fingers when the moon unexpectedly rose above the peaks. I dashed back outside, put the tripod back up and with fingers screaming from cold managed to make this exposure before the moon cleared the peaks. The 'Belt of Venus' (pink sky on Eastern horizon at dusk) seems to be particularly strong in this part of the world when temperatures drop below minus 20C. For me this frame is one that conveys the extreme cold and vast emptiness of these lands in winter.