The Tree

PhotographerJack Curran
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJack Curran Photography
City/CountryChesterfield, United States
Photo Date2016/2017
Technical InfoCanon 5DsR
Entry Description

I've been shooting trees for nearly 35 years and I'm still not sure I can explain why trees are so mystical, unique and alluring to shoot. I think really they mirror humans in many ways. Each appears to be unique and have a personality unto it's own. As well and providing the air we breath they are breathtaking in death.

About Photographer

For nearly 35 years now, Jack’s passion for photography and been focused on his love for the landscape and our natural environment. Searching for the “Lure of Light” has taken Jack to many remote and unique places as well as enhances his ability to develop “the art of seeing” through both Grande landscape and detailed still life. In addition, Jack has had the great fortune to win many International Photography Competitions such as PX3, FAPA, MIFA, Worldwide Gala Awards and be published in B&W Magazine, Outdoor Photographer and exhibited in international gallery shows. Jack's photography is held in many private and public collections.