Orchard Trail

PhotographerMichal Greenboim
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMichal Greenboim
City/Countryla jolla, United States
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Michal rarely plans her photographs in advance, they are a product of how she processes reality. Looking back on the images she's created thus far, Michal realized that subconsciously, she has been photographing different elements from her childhood. Her pictures hold memories filled with curiosity, innocence, and wonder. They are a reminder of her as a child, wandering through the colorful fruit trees, in her small home town . Michal likes to explore different types of methods to present her work, one of them being the diptych. By placing two of her images next to each other, she is able to influence the viewer's understanding of her images. As we grow, the memories from our childhood change with us, and by pairing each photograph with another, Michal provides us with a clue of the meaning behind her work, and a trace of how she remembers her childhood today. 

About Photographer

Michal Greenboim grew up in a small town in Israel, developing an early interest in photography after watching her grandfather, who always had a camera on him to capture family moments. Following a career as an interior designer and computer engineer, Michal later moved into photography, publishing her first book “Orchard Trail”, a narrative of childhood stories and memories, in 2016. From 2012-2016, Michal exhibited her work in shows across the United States, including The Art of Photography Show in San Diego and at the Los Angeles Center for Photography in California,Photo Place in Vermont to mention a few. Her photograph “Rear Blues” won third place in the “World in Place” competition in the “Sense of Place” category, PDN Magazine, December 2016. in progress working on her first one person show at the Griffin Museum in Winchester, MA Michal now lives in La Jolla , California and working on her MFA studies .