Better than nothing

PhotographerJun Yan Huang
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo Date2017/02
Entry Description

"Better than nothing" is my first photography portfolio. The photo series are about a same-sex couple. By some hints, such as food and body movement, it expresses the relationship and the love between these two people. The daily life of same-sex couples has no difference from that of straight couples. They all need communication, sex, food and drinks. Everyone's physiological and psychological needs would not be changed by his or her sexual orientation. Under this circumstance, in addition to facing the real self, you must truly face each other. Before asking and communicating, you have to be honest. The answer you give is not for fluttering.

About Photographer

Born in Yi-Lan, Taiwan, 1990. Lived in Taipei now. I'm an environmental engineer.