Another Frozen Conflict

PhotographerAlexander Ermochenko
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDonetsk, Ukraine
Photo Date2016 - 2017
Entry Description

Conflict in Eastern Ukraine is the most bloodiest in Europe from Balkan's times. According to United Nations information, the number of civil and military losses is more than 10000, and more than 22000 were injured. According to non-official information this number is much more. In Ukraine the war at Donbass region is related with national, economical, political, language and other issues, which put in doubt the existence of the country. With the passage of time, this territory became the place of realization of interests of different groups - both legal and illegal. As the result, this conflict is turning to frozen stage with periodic violent escalation. And people who lives at the territory are turning to victims of this fight for the power. Moreover, incidents taking place at the territory of conflict, may change the whole world political situation.