After (1)

PhotographerRafailidis Vlasis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAthens, Greece
Photo Date24-05-2017
Entry Description

After The landscape looks primitive and dreamy. Is it real? Is it new or is it maybe the old one, free from unnecessary burdens piled up over the course of time? However, it is certainly a scenic landscape where the human race can survive. The female figure, a descendant of Aphrodite of Willendorf, of the Cycladic figurines and the Renaissance paintings, becomes both the guide of humanity and the symbol of fertility, strength, and passion. Life goes on thanks to her and the power of water. The veil, although almost transparent, partially covers the figure thus preventing it from appearing vulnerable or vulgar. Every end is a new beginning.

About Photographer

Vlasis is a 46 years old student in Athens University of Applied Sciences in department of Photography and Audio Visual Arts, currently at the 4th semester. His wife is his muse.