PhotographerCESAR DIAZ JR
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTARLAC, Philippines
Photo DateDECEMBER 16, 2016
Entry Description

Wedding Rings is the main symbol for a couple who is bond by love. Marriage is not just for two coule who is deeply inlove but for the two lovers who are hot to bind for life.

About Photographer

Cesar Diaz is natural born citizen in Tarlac City, Philippines. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy at the Central Luzon Doctors’ Hospital Educational Institution in 2003 and a diploma holder in Public Administration with a Major in Human Resource Management at the Tarlac State University since 2011. He founded “Project Smile” photo venture, a program that aims to provide a free family portrait to the families who do not have any family photos in their house yet.Today, Cesar Diaz is a full-time professional wedding photographer who also manages his own studio in his home town