PhotographerMarco Carmignan
Prize2nd Place in Editorial / General News
City/CountryVicenza, Italy
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

According to UNHCR, in Serbia there are about 6000 migrants. Most of them come from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. They escape from war, discrimination, racism, genocide or climate changes. Serbia is the last no European country they have to pass trough along the Balkan route. Last year, Hungary finished its 300 km wall, impossible to tear down, and now along the borders with other UE countries migrants are beaten by police and bitten by dogs. Furthermore, the number who can pass the Hungarian border drop to twenty-five persons per week in a couple of months. Moreover, the Belgrade train station is a place for only young men while families, women and elderly prefer the government camps waiting for the top of the waiting list to legally enter in Hungary. But the wait itself is a cage even though the situation is constantly changing.

About Photographer

Marco Carmignan is an Italian photographer (nonpro) who was born in Venice, in 1991. Driven by curiosity he uses photography to understand the world around him, himself and to tell what he has seen and felt. His projects concern social issues and anthropological aspects. He currently lives in Vicenza, Italy. Education: 2016 Workshop in Reportage Photography with Ivo Saglietti; 2016 Darkroom course with Andrea Calabresi; 2015 Workshop in Reportage Photography with Francesco Cito and Riccardo Bononi. Awards: 2016 International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention in Event-Social Cause for the project Imiria.