The Last of the Yak Herders

PhotographerTony An-Feng Lee
Prize1st Place in People / Lifestyle
CompanyTony Lee Photography No Boundaries
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo DateMay 19th 2017
Entry Description

To Sherpas, Yak herding is important part of their history culture and also economies. The Yak herders traverse between elevation of 3000m above sea level to almost 6000m in different season within the Himalaya of Nepal. The Yak herders have temporary huts made out of stone at the elevation of 4000m. Some traditional Yak herders live in rock caves for many generations in elevation of 5000.This photo was taken in elevation of 5000m. The Yak herder is sitting on the rock cave that he live in.

About Photographer

My diverse portfolio consists of commercial and advertising projects, special events, weddings, documentaries, and many others with clients across the globe. I am fortunate enough to travel regularly and connect with clients and locals in Taiwan, Canada, Netherland, Nepal and Nigeria. My dedication toward traveling and photography was ignited during my earlier years of growing up and living in Canada, a pristine and geographically diverse country. Coming from a family that has generations devoting time toward helping people as medical doctors, I chose a different path but my purpose remains in line with our family's value, simply to serve and uplift people's lives. Other than my everyday professional photography work, there are more meaningful photography missions in my life. Pursuit and discover the world, driven with pure passion from my heart. Through my camera lens, I am humbled on a daily basis experiencing people’s range of emotions and their past and present.