Photographeryasu matsumoto
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companyyasu matsumoto photography
City/CountrySuginami-ku, Japan
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoGelatin Silver, 8x10" film
Entry Description

I love old things. Because I think they have some kind of dignity in the same way old people like our grandpa and grandma have. The rust on the wrench that looks like a rough hand of grandpa, and hundreds of scratches on a wooden hat cast is like a sweet crow’s feet of grandma. Besides the visible beauty, they are wearing something like I may call "aura" that can only be earned from long period of time and experiences they have been thru. I'm shooting portraits of them with much respect as I were shooting my lovely grandma. These images are the portraits of their long lives.

About Photographer

Born in Japan, 1976. Studied photography at San Francisco Art Institute. Now, working as a freelance photographer based in Tokyo. All works are made with 8x10" camera, Gelatin Silver Print and Wet Plate Collodion. I am trying to cross the boundary between real and imaginary with my photography.