Sorte: The sacred mountain

PhotographerMarco Antonio Bello
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCaracas, Venezuela
Photo Date2015 - ongoing
Technical InfoCanon 5D Mark III / 24-70 F2.8
Entry Description

Sorte is a place of pilgrimage for believers of Maria Lionza. Every October 12 thousands gather to worship. Pilgrims ask for health, wisdom, wealth or power. The mountain becomes a temple and trunks of trees are the pillars of its halls of invisible walls, just suggested with mooring rope by way of successive plots. Upon entering, the drums are heard in the middle of the mountain, the air is filled with smoke smell snuff and alcohol, the atmosphere thins and gives way to the spirits. “Matter", or as they call people who lend their bodies so that the spirits are on the earth plane, once again are on the floor which is full of drawings with ancient meanings. In the mountains everything is mixed. European, African and indigenous elements blend in "marialioncero" spiritualism, which only recognizes the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary above the triad who heads Maria Lionza