PhotographerLe'Andra LeSeur
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryJersey City, United States
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoDigital Video
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Entry Description

Searching focuses on two important elements - memory and spectacle - and how these two elements can alter someone's experience in many ways. Within the video portraits of Searching, I found it important to document the outside experience that specific memories have had on women of color as this has resonated with my own personal identity. I document black women through video portraits hoping to truly capture the essence of these women allowing them to be re-discovered through a more intimate gaze. The portraits are important within the project because they give the viewer an idea of the spectacle that black women become in the midst of racially charged and high profiled cases - silent bystanders searching for a way to voice their own concerns amongst the stigma created due to the effects of these memories. You can see more of the work at