PhotographerPamela Pauline
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMona Vale, Australia
Photo DateJune 2016
Technical InfoCanon 5d Mark III
Entry Description

Native to the East Coast of Australia, the Moreton Bay Fig can reach heights of 60 metres with thick buttressing roots. In preparation for warmer climates and in an effort to cool down Melbourne’s city centre, 3000 new trees have been planted since 2012. Moreton Bay Figs have been shown to thrive in sunny, warm climates. As such, they are a popular choice in this large urban forest project, replacing other species considered too vulnerable in the face of climate change such as elms, planes and poplars. In my current series on trees, “Fluorish” aims to portray this resilience and at the same time draw attention to the extraordinary beauty of this magnificent tree.