PhotographerAkira Takaue
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDr. Akira TAKAUE Photography
City/CountryYokohama, Japan
Photo Date2017/04/10
Technical InfoNikon1 V1
Entry Description

One of the photograph of my series of flying over a huge city TOKYO, Japan by light airplane. Additionally, so many composition from the sky have been captured from the point of view of architect though, I can develop to establish this concept using black and white photography as meaningful records of Tokyo in which Olympic game will be held in 2020.

About Photographer

Dr. Akira Takaue is an award-winning, fine-art photographer/architect who has won various int’l photo awards. At present, he is taking an active role as a professional photographer, curator and author, working on art & engineering projects and contributes in curating/advising photo exhibitions in commercial galleries in Tokyo and publishes various articles in domestic and int’l photographic magazines. Further, he lectures structural mechanics and aesthetic theories of architecture/ bridges and fine art photography in educational institutes, colleges and academic conferences.